Saturday, May 30, 2009

Girlfriend Experience Steven Soderbergh

To be a good girlfriend one should listen, be easy going, interesting, engaging. When it come to escorts the "Girlfriend Experience" means open mouth kissing, safe sex, and unprotected blow jobs. This high class hussy gives both what a good girlfriend would and the experience a escort can. This women is in charge of her operation and treats it like a business owner would. All the talk of a recession prompts her to set up meetings with web consultants, journalist, bankers. And she is very professional with johns. This movie is very New York. With all the cab rides, street sanes, and even down town boutiques. Director Steven Soderbergh made some good moves in this movie. Showing all the sex with slight of hand tactics even got the film a PG13 rating. The fashion in this is not only worn but used to make a point. Casting a porn star Sasha Gray was risky but well worth it. She is not only beautiful but comes off as smart. Soderbergis not unfamiliar with seduction. Sex Lies & Video Tape almost got him an award. He has also shown us the underbelly of society before. The drug smuggling flick Traffic finely got him the Oscar for best director. This new film is stylized at times but had a solid feel through to the end.

Three out of Four Stars

P.S. Never seeing Sasha Gray before I was very impressed. She was breath taking not only visually but she showed good range as an actress. The camera loved her.

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