Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Love Ranch

Joe Pesci is back to his old tricks in a movie about the business of sin. The true story behind Love Ranch is almost better then the film. The Mustang Ranch, the first legalized house of prostitution in Nevada, did have a notorious couple behind the scenes. Joe and Sally Conforte not only sold sex they also had a take in boxer Oscar Bonavena. Joe Pecci plays the hustler husband and Helen Mirren plays a madam that's made a life out of solicitation. In comes a young fighter, but can he win? Helen Mirren and the Argentinian boxer played by Spanish actor Sergio Peris-Mencheta have some great scenes, if only the rest of the cast felt more comfortable around each other. The last time director Taylor Hackford worked with Helen was "White Nights" in 1984. They got married sometime in the last 26 years and they come together now to tell a story out of the wild west. The big sky's and panoramic views are abundant in the west and help any film. The 70's where a different time, a time without cameras everywhere, a time when you could get away with almost anything, and some people did.

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