Friday, December 4, 2009

The Road

This is a epic story that is at its root a great post-apocalyptic Sci-Fi scenario. After a mysterious end of days the world becomes day to day test for survival. This journey through a barren landscape heads south in hope of finding warmer winters. The travelers are one a man with memories of a world gone forever, and the other a boy that is a spitting image of his mother who knows nothing but this grim reality. Wandering down the road is as dangerous as it is necessary. Is life worth living when all it consist of is trying to scavenge for food and hide from the bad guys. Hard to stay in the present when some relics of the old world bring back flashes of yesterday, and you have to jerk awake everyday from dreams in color. Must keep going, must keep checking stuff out, must be weary of anyone on the road. Filmed in parts of the America like New Orleans, Mount St. Helens, and run-down parts of Pittsburgh its easy to see how close we could be getting to a much harder existence. In this even lonely wanderer's like Robert Duvall realize "there were signs" that this was coming.

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