Monday, August 22, 2011

Coming Apart at the BAM in Brooklyn

When a film is shot entirely in one room It makes an entertaining plot. Some of these films are very good and have edge of your seat thrills almost all brought out with just a few actors and great Dialogue. Look at "12 angry men" about a jury's decision or Hitchcock's "Rear Window", and "Rope." Also there is the Film "Sleuth," starring Michael Caine and Laurence Olivier where the whole plot is based on words. One could call this a "Plot Device." Using this one room scenario even great comedy can be achieved like in Kevin Smith's "Clerks." This week BAM is screening a one room film called "Coming Apart." Based in New York and on a kind of a true story about moving into the same building as your ex and their new lover. This film in very lets say.. interesting. This is concerted an "60s independent classic" shot for around $60 thousand dollars. The infamous Rip Torn, plays Psychiatrist Joe Glazer, a man that has chosen to "Come Apart" and film it with a hidden camera and some well placed mirrors. This breakdown leaves some with a strange feeling of dislike and others saying they loved it. A film one has to see first before makeing a dissection on if it's just over the top or under the skin.

Tue, Aug 23 at 4:30, 6:50*, 9:30pm
*Intro by Milton Moses Ginsberg

Friday, August 19, 2011

Forbidden Planet Sci-Fi Event at Midnight!

Witness a NYC Sci-fi event this weekend at the Sunshine Cinemas. "Forbidden Planet" the 1956 Classic Science Fiction Film is on the big screen for two night's at midnight. Tonight Friday the 19Th and tomorrow Saturday the 20Th the men of Earth go into deep space for the first time. This film was the first Sci-Fi film to take men into the stars. Starring the young Leslie Nielsen, and Anne Francis, Forbidden Planet gives us everything a unearthly film should have. With space travel, strange worlds and of course robots. Well one robot. "Robby the Robot" was one of the first movie robots to have a personality and can do some pretty neat tricks. Come one and all so see what Sci-Fi is all about in the LES this weekend. What else do you have to do late night? To make this an extra special event the Sunshine Cinema has brought together the city's leaders in Cult and Collectibles. Kim's Video has teamed up with the Cinema with giveaways and coupons. And "Forbidden Planet" the Comic store has also stepped up with coupons for all who love Sci-fi. Its not everyday that one can go out into the nether regions of space and back in one night. So get downtown and out of Earth's atmosphere with "Forbidden Planet" this weekend!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mostly Mozart Festival At the Lincoln Center

It is that time of year again when the Lincoln Center has their Mostly Mozart Festival. This year they are putting focus on Mozart naturally, but also on Igor Stravinsky a modern composer known for his work in the 30's and 40's. Featuring a film of the 1966 CBS News Special on Stravinsky, along with a screening of Stravinsky himself conducting the Symphony of Psalms in Hungary. This year there are musical offerings with the Mostly Mozart Festival Orchestra and special guest Conductors, Pianist, Soprano's, and much more. One can enjoy an All-Mozart Program with Iván Fischer conducting and the lovely soprano Lucy Crowe, on Tue. the 9th and Wed. the 10th. Then there is a night of music where Mozart shares the stage with Haydn lead by the French conductor Jérémie Rhorer. The French pianist Bertrand Chamayou will also perform Mozart's Piano Concerto No.12 in A major, on Tue. the 23rd and Wed. the 24th. There will be more programs with the Mostly Mozart Festival Orchestra on the weekends through August. Then come the Quartet's with nights filled with music from the Takács Quartet and Emerson String Quartet. There will also be dance and even an Opera. Don Giovanni, "Mozart’s most haunting opera" will be on stage several times this month. Along with these big events there will be smaller shows under the New York sky in the Stanley H. Kaplan Penthouse. These start late at 10:30pm and will be intimate little gatherings. So get ready for some Mozart this August through the 27th at the Lincoln Center.