Friday, August 19, 2011

Forbidden Planet Sci-Fi Event at Midnight!

Witness a NYC Sci-fi event this weekend at the Sunshine Cinemas. "Forbidden Planet" the 1956 Classic Science Fiction Film is on the big screen for two night's at midnight. Tonight Friday the 19Th and tomorrow Saturday the 20Th the men of Earth go into deep space for the first time. This film was the first Sci-Fi film to take men into the stars. Starring the young Leslie Nielsen, and Anne Francis, Forbidden Planet gives us everything a unearthly film should have. With space travel, strange worlds and of course robots. Well one robot. "Robby the Robot" was one of the first movie robots to have a personality and can do some pretty neat tricks. Come one and all so see what Sci-Fi is all about in the LES this weekend. What else do you have to do late night? To make this an extra special event the Sunshine Cinema has brought together the city's leaders in Cult and Collectibles. Kim's Video has teamed up with the Cinema with giveaways and coupons. And "Forbidden Planet" the Comic store has also stepped up with coupons for all who love Sci-fi. Its not everyday that one can go out into the nether regions of space and back in one night. So get downtown and out of Earth's atmosphere with "Forbidden Planet" this weekend!!

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