Thursday, December 20, 2012

Regarding Warhol: Sixty Artists, Fifty Years - Through December 31, 2012 at the MET

Need a good reason to go uptown and see the park covered in snow? Is Andy Warhol a good reason? If you think so head up to the park and go to the MET before the end of the year. They have over 45 works of the Pop Art master. On the walls with Warhol are sixty Artists that span the last fifty years that are keeping Art "Pop." The impact on Art that Warhol made was huge. He is the one that gave everyone 15 minutes. Central Park can be lovely in the winter, remember The MET is a Suggested Donation so stop by the Museum to get warm.

Metropolitan Museum of Art:

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Book Then Movie: On the Road by Jack Kerouac

Here we have the classic book of the Beat Generation. In this short read Kerouac invites us into the world of Neal Cassady, Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg. This little soft cover even introduces the reader to the great William Burroughs. We meet these great men before the height of their individual glory. The reader meets Cassady before he is the driver of Ken Kesey's Bus and leader of the Merry Pranksters in the 60's (The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test-Tom Wolfe) and Ginsberg before Howl. The Old Bull Lee in this book even shows us Burroughs with his wife before the gun shot that made Naked Lunch. This story of the road and what one can find on it, is the first book of its kind. It has been an influence on all kinds of popular culture from the 60's, 70's and on to today. The amount of people that state it as a lighting rod that changed their ways of thinking about life and growing up are to many to mention here. Kerouac took the notes he had from the Road and after receiving a thousand-word rambling letter from Neal Cassady wrote the scroll that later became the book. This scroll was a long one page fury of words, with no paragraphs or even punctuation. Jack used what he called the "Essentials of Spontaneous Prose" to write one of the books that changed the way generations would look at literature and writing. This is what good films are made of, but if one does not read the words first they will miss what these men were meant to teach us.

 "To be beat is to be at the bottom of your personality, looking up.” - John Clellon Holmes 1958, Esquire magazine

  ‘You know, this is a really beat generation’ ... More than mere weariness, it implies the feeling of having been used, of being raw. It involves a sort of nakedness of mind, and ultimately, of soul: a feeling of being reduced to the bedrock of consciousness. In short, it means being undramatically pushed up against the wall of oneself.” - Jack Kerouac 1952, New York Times Sunday Magazine

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Metropolis Vintage Get Your Black Sale 40% Off Everything!

If you do not know Metropolis Vintage you need to get off St Marks and check it out. This Friday is the day to go and get everything for the winter.

Big leather jacket - Check...A Rock 'n' Roll dress for the Holiday's - Check... boots that can take the snow without getting feet soggy - Check.

It's like your double went out and shopped all the stores from NYC to LA and put all you need where it can be found easy in the East Village. Their shoe section is legendary. This is not your cheap thrift store, Metropolis Vintage has higher prices but that's the "price you pay" for some of the best shit in Manhattan. If all is right in the world stores like this will stay in the Village. With other staples of the hood being pushed out this last year, (Mars Bar, Billy's Antiques & Props) it is nice to know that this shop is still giving people what was always needed in their closets. Do you like to dance? Well its OK in the store, but if you really want to show off ask the sales guy about the next Soul Clap. Where DJ's will make the people move and winners are given prizes! There might be other places to find Rock T's, but they are just reprints that it takes hours of shopping to find. Not here they mean Vintage and have more T's then anyone else! Remember this Friday go to the store and get 40% off everything! And do not forget to sign up for their news letter and get the heads up on other sales in the future.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

"Art From the Boros" Group Show Opens Tomorrow!

The Denise Bibro Fine Art Inc. has a group opening tomorrow with artists from Williamsburg, Redhook, Bed Stuyvesant, Crown Heights, Ditmas Park, Long Island City, Astoria, and every other part of NYC! "Art From the Boros" has over thirty six artists and within these selected is one that takes craft and makes it art. Iviva Olenick has a new way to look at embroidery as art. This old slow craft is used in her work and it makes a statement. She uses her and others confessions about love and life in small, purely textual embroideries she calls “post-it notes." These and some of her larger works will be in this exhibit. The opening will be from 5pm to 9pm on the west side.
There will also be a closing reception on Thursday, December 20th, 6-8pm
So go out and see what art can and will be coming out of the NYC!
"Art From the Boros" will be on view November 15 through January 5, 2013.
@ Denise Bibro Fine Art
529 West 20th Street, #4W
We Are So Besotted blog:
Denise Bibro Fine Art:

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

New York Blogger Goes World Wide!

Well Known New York City Blogger is taking it to the world with Blogs in two new city's. The writer for NYC You Are Here is living between Barcelona, Spain, (BCN) and Berlin, Germany. These Blogs will be set up like NYC You Are Here with Concert and Music Reviews, Book and Film Reviews, and info on Art and things to do and see in Berlin and the BCN. There will soon be the sections you all love like Street Books, Bars/Restaurants/Cheap Eats, and each city will get a Must See In tab so people are in the know about where to go and what not to miss around the world. CHECK THEM OUT...

BCN Estas aqui / BCN You Are Here:

Be Here Now Berlin:

 NYC You Are Here will still be the first Blog and will never not show the city of New York love!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Chocolate Skills for Every Boy and Ghoul!

Need some help getting into the Halloween spirit? Need a little something to surprise that ghoul in you life? Just think outside the box and into the skull. These little sweet treats will trick anyone who thinks they have seen everything that has to do with this scary time of year. One can try to make these heady truffles themselves, but maybe it is best to leave it to the professionals. Here you can have them sent to your favorite bad boy or goth girl with just a few clicks of the hand. They will be just what the witchdoctor ordered to make a smile come across every body's face.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

WAKE IN FRIGHT at the Film Forum Starts Tomorrow!

Here is a film proving once again that the best thrillers are about being at the wrong place at the wrong time. This 70's flick plays out like a lot of horror movies filmed after it. A traveler on his way to see loved ones gets stuck for one night in a remote town and lands into a heap of messed up trouble. In this 1971 film directed by Ted Kotcheff ("Fun with Dick and Jane '77, First Blood '82, and Weekend at Bernie’s '89) a teacher is tested with boozing, gambling, sex and other vices. Thought to be lost this film had been a little known rite of passage for all fans of the strange and unkempt. With people like Nick Cave, calling it - 'the most terrifying film about Australia in existence." Now with an original negative found in of all places, Pittsburgh, the Film Forum has the new restoration by The National Film and Sound Archives of Australia. So go down and get a warm up of the Halloween movie season with this graphic 70's thriller that will shock you as well as make you smile with it's morbid sense of humor.


Prometheus is a space thriller from the master behind the Alien films Ridley Scott. On earth some scientist have found something, something that suggest the origins of humanity are from a far off part of space. A privet company pays for the ship and crew pulling out all the stops. What they find? Will it be the Garden of Eden or a place in hell. This is what has finally come out of the talks Scott and Director James Cameron had about a prequel to the Alien franchise and it lives up to those films without connecting the story's to easily. This has the best things from Alien. A female lead that kicks ass and old school Si-Fi cinematography help make this best space movie of the summer.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Naked Before the Camera - Last Week at the MET

Who is to say what makes art? What new invention or technology will change art forever? When the camera was new artist used photographic nudes as artist studies. When does the artist study shift to become art. Were these nineteenth-century black and whites just made as eye candy or were they a new way to show the beauty of the human body. Victorian Notions keep most of these pictures censored and out of England and America. Yet in places like Paris and Berlin this new art of photography was allowed to go naked. This exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum shows the beginning of this movement and the way it progressed through the twentieth-century. This is your chance to get an eye full and it will make you wonder where art will go next.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Snow White & the Huntsman

This new take on Snow White is all about the dark side of this German fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm. It has all the scary dark stuff with little of the sweet story one thinks Snow White is supposed to be. At least when we all grew up with the Walt Disney version. In this picture Charlize Theron plays the evil witch and makes a her case for "the fairest of them all!" Who can be more beautiful then this dark Queen? The young Snow White will grow to become the only threat. Twilight star Kristen Stewart plays a Princess that can kick ass! Will prince charming be the rugged Huntsman (Chris Hemsworth) or the bowmen William (Sam Claflin) son of the Duke? And when do the Dwarfs come in? Its all in this film and even more. This fairy tale has a dark forest, trolls, and some fairy's too. If this stuff seems too girly then don't be fooled there is lots of fight scenes and dark moments in this movie. This is not the Walt Disney cartoon.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Beetlejuice at Midnight!

The Ghost with the most!! This weekend at midnight!! Go Downtown to the Sunshine Cinema for all the fun with "Beetlejuice!" One of Tim Burton's best!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Evil Dead II: Sunshine Style

Come out for the one that started it all! Evil Dead!

It is that time of year again and we are ready! Ready for the sunny days of summer? No we are ready to fight off the evil demons that want to walk the earth in your body. We might not have chainsaws for arms or blue button down shirts, but we are ready with giveaway's and horror fun in Downtown NYC! This is where it all started the first film of this ongoing franchise. The first eye-popping film that was directed by Sam Raimi and made Bruce Campbell a house hold name is back at the Sunshine Cinema! Inspired by 70's drive-in movies this film was to keep a certain group of fans happy and it has for over 30 Years. Campbell has been quoted, "Keep the pace fast and furious, and once the horror starts, never let up. The first primary investor stated, "Fellas, no matter what, just keep the blood running. What a time to live and make horror films! So come out and see the one that started it all "Evil Dead" at midnight! Wait I think we do have a chainsaw around here somewhere?

Check out the dirt the fans dug up on the new Evil Dead in 2013 on..

Saturday, April 21, 2012

One More Hot Night in NYC with Marilyn Monroe!

There is one more chance to make the Big Apple Hot tonight at Midnight. Marilyn Monroe is sizzling in this screwball comedy from 1959. Some Like It Hot is one of director Billy Wilder's funniest films with Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon trading slacks for skirts to save their skins from Chicago Gangsters. In this story some down and out Jazz players find themselves running from gun men and dress in drag to get away. And away they go to sunny Florida with an all girl band and our favorite blond as the singer. This is were Monroe shines as the sexy stage singer who has been let down by men all her life. She has gotten the "fuzzy end of the lollipop" from more then one Jazz man and is now with this all girl band to "Run Away." Will she find out that her "Brand-new" girl friends are more then they seem? What really happens when men take on heels and see how the other half lives? NYC has one more night to find out with this funny runaway Comedy from one of Hollywood's greatest directors.

List of Wilder films:

Friday, April 13, 2012

Sid and Nancy Tonight and Tomorrow at Midnight!

Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen fell in love in London and went to New York. Here in the Big Apple they both died. One by drugs and the other? This is a story that can only come from the 70's and be told in the 80's with film. This film had Courtney Love begging for the part of Nancy and Gary Oldman starving himself to play Sid. Director Alex Cox made this film to tell the story but not the truth. This is because no one really knows the truth behind the stabbing of Nancy in the Chelsea Hotel, or the life that these lovers lived together. Can true love kill? There were a lot of strange things about the production of this film. One that Love did not get the Nancy part, but had a part written in to the script for her. Also that Sid's mum did not like the film until she became part of the team. Then, get this, all of Guns & Roses were asked to be extras. They did not know this fact till they were on set saying "'Hey...what are you doing here?'" Does this make for a bad movie..? Hell no it's great! This film has everything! True Love, Music Superstars, Sex and Drugs what else does one expect from the 70's. So get off your couch, chair or bar stool and get into the theater to see Sid and Nancy. Can true love Kill?

Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Steins Collect: Matisse, Picasso, and the Parisian Avant-Gard​e at the MET

The New Woody Allen film Midnight in Paris has a young American that is taken back to the 1920's to meet all the stars of the Jazz Age. He eyes where opened by all the artist and writers that where part of the Parisian Avant-Garde and even visits Gertrude Stein at her house. This is what might have happened to any who found themselves in the Art world in Paris at the beginning of the century. The Steins, Gertrude, Leo, and Michael Stein, and Michael's wife, Sarah opened their homes to anyone with a letter of reference. Most who could not go to see fine art in the shows and museums went to these rooms filled with painters works that are now household names. Matisse and Picasso were just two of the many struggling painters that this group of Americans had as friends. This family from San Francisco were able to show an amazing amount of works by these artist to the public. This exhibition now at the Metropolitan Museum of Art has over 200 works from these walls that changed the way a whole generation looked at Modern Art. Just think what it was like to not only collect the work of artist like Paul Cézanne, Edgar Degas, Paul Gauguin, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Édouard Manet, and Auguste Renoir, but to also have them as close friends of the family. What a interesting time to be in Paris with the soon to be who's who of the art world over for open house discussions every Saturday evening! So go to the MET and use this exhibition as on excuse to daydream about Paris and the artist of the Jazz age.

Through June 3, 2012

Friday, April 6, 2012

"Do the Right Thing" A Spike Lee Joint

Spike Lee Directed, Produced, Wrote and Starred in this film that defined not just what a "Spike Lee Joint" was, but also what Brooklyn was like in the 80's. In 1989 this film showed the whole world that a street corner in Bedford-Stuyvesant is like a movie. It has it's cast of characters with New York Personalities and New York problems. Ten years later the U.S. Library of Congress deemed Do The Right Thing, "culturally significant" and it was the first of its kind selected for preservation in the National Film Registry. Not Bad for a little corner in Brooklyn. The film even got some Oscar nominations for Lee. One for the Best Original Screenplay and one for the Best Supporting Actor for Danny Aiello's pizzeria owner. Spike Lee became a house hold name with the help of his first films. He was established as a quadruple threat. A new talent that can Write, Direct, Star and even Produce films that have their own look and style. He came out with so many that every year the public had another Spike Lee Joint. Come down this weekend and celebrate this film, and one of New York's best Directors at the Sunshine Cinema at midnight.

Spike Lee Joint's:
2008 Passing Strange Director
2008 Miracle at St. Anna Producer-Director
2006 Inside Man Director
2006 When the Levees Broke Director-Producer
2004 She Hate Me Screenwriter-Director-Producer
2004 Sucker Free City Director
2002 25Th Hour Director-Producer
2002 Jim Brown: All-American Producer-Director
2001 3 A.M. Actor-Producer
2000 Bamboozled Producer-Screenwriter-Director
2000 Love and Basketball Producer
2000 The Original Kings of Comedy Director
1999 Summer of Sam Screenwriter-Actor-Director
1998 Freak Director
1998 He Got Game Director-Screenwriter
1997 4 Little Girls Director-Producer
1996 Girl 6 Producer-Actor-Director
1996 Get on the Bus Director
1995 Clockers Director-Actor
1994 Crooklyn Actor-Screenwriter-Director
1994 Hoop Dreams Himself (Film director)
1992 Malcolm X Actor-Director
1991 Jungle Fever Actor-Director
1990 Mo' Better Blues Actor-Director
1989 Do the Right Thing Director-Actor-Screenwriter-Producer
1988 School Daze Actor-Director
1986 She's Gotta Have It Screenwriter-Director-Actor
1983 Joe's Bed-Stuy Barbershop: We Cut Heads Director

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Radical Camera at the Jewish Museum Until Next Week!

The Jewish Museum now has an exhibit of photographs that tell a very New York story. In the neighborhoods, and streets of this city there was a young group of artist who looked at the life of the city through their cameras. They where New York's Photo League. They started in the 30's and spent over 15 years exploring the art behind documentary photography. The pictures of children at work before child Labor Laws are shockingly beautiful. This is such a wonderful set of images. Its like an eye on the city. These Black and White's are so real that they almost reach out at you. If some time opens up next week go up to the Museum Mile and catch The Radical Camera: New York's Photo League, 1936-1951 at the Jewish Museum.

“The Photo League students take their camera anywhere . . . they want to tell us about New York and some of the people who live there . . . there was almost a sense of desperation in the desire to convey messages of sociological import.”

The Radical Camera: New York's Photo League, 1936-1951 - March 25, 2012

Saturday through Tuesday
11:00am - 5:45pm
Wednesday - Closed
Thursday - 11:00am - 8:00pm
Friday - 11:00am - 4:00pm

Adults: $12
Seniors/65 & over: $10
Students: $ 7.50
Children under 12: Free
Jewish Museum Members: Free
Saturdays: Free

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Breakfast at Tiffany's 60's Romantic Comedy!!

This 60's romantic comedy is one of Audrey Hepburn's most memorable roles. She plays this happy go lucky party girl with a heart of Gold with class. This film directed by Blake Edwards is based on a short novel by no other then Truman Capote. What else can you ask for in a fun, corky 60's New york film. Yes this is a New York movie through and though. Its got Cabs, the Central Park, 4 floor walk up and Tiffany's! The Sunshine at Midnight is having a meet-up before hand with free Popcorn and Soda in the second floor Lobby! Just show up early to mingle with New York film heads like the party's at Holly's apartment! There will be fun stuff and Giveaways at Midnight!!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Must See in NYC - The High Line

This is the one of New York City's best parks because it saved a historic elevated freight rail line that used to have trains rumbling through the West Side. This park saved the line from being torn down in 1999. This not only saved a part of the city's history, but also gave Midtown on the West Side much needed public space. Community residents helped to transform an eyesore into a beautiful place to walk and take in the city's buildings and the Hudson River. Now one can just walk West and go up into the sky to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city streets. No car traffic here just a nice place to walk, sit and take in sights like the Empire State Building. The park starts from Gansevoort Street in the Meatpacking District and runs uptown to West 34Th Street, between 10Th & 11Th Avenues. Open everyday from 7am to 7pm it is a reason to get out of the Subway and walk from 14Th St to MSG and Penn Station. So go and take a camera, a sketch book or just your lunch and enjoy being surrounded by the city up in the sky.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Dark Crystal for Three Nights in the LES!!

This weekend there will be Three nights of this classic from the early 80's at the Sunshine Cinema in the LES. So come down to see this Fantasy Film Directed by Jim Henson and Frank Oz. This film is a not just dark by name. It is Dark and has some scenes that might just surprise someone who is used to Henson's Muppet's. The world of The Dark Crystal is brought to us through the eyes of Concept Artist Brian Froud who helped Henson and Oz on Labyrinth four years latter. Starting tonight the Sunshine Cinema is showing this amazing film on the big screen. The Cinema has come together with the Museum of Moving Image to celebrate Henson and his film legacy. This means Fun Trivia and Giveaways for all three nights!!

Museum of the Moving Image
Jim Henson's Fantastic World
July 16–March 4
36-01 35 Avenue
Astoria, NY 11106
718 777 6888
Tue-Thu: 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Fri: 10:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Sat-Sun: 10:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Mon: Closed

Saturday, January 14, 2012

More Movies of 2011 in Short Review

Drive -- This Action Film is set on the West Coast in L.A. Or is it? Here we have a film where the director has made a Fairy Tale world much like the one around us now. The first half of the film has this hazy feeling that makes much of the action better. Ryan Gosling plays a lone wolf that makes money as a Stunt Driver. He Drives for the movies and also is a mechanic by day, but by night he is a calm no nonsense getaway Driver for hire. He moves in next to a young mother (Carey Mulligan) who is married to a man in Prison. When this man gets out he brings trouble with him. This strange family needs the Drivers help and he helps them because they are his only connection to the real world. Is this Driver a bad guy with a heart of gold, or a good guy in a rough spot? The other bad guys are real mobster types played by Ron Perlman (born right here in Washington Heights, NYC) and Albert Brooks. This is a great part for Brooks. He should be cast in more roles like this one. So why Does this story not end as good as it begin? Well in the end the Fairy Tale seems too much and some of the plot points that could have been easily fixed where just glazed over. Making this a good film that could have been great!

Corman's World: Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel -- This documentary on the infamous Roger Corman is so much fun! Just like the man himself. If you don't know Roger Corman is a Film Director and Producer who's career spans many decades. He is the grandfather of gore! The ploitation behind Exploitation!! He put the amp in camp!! In the 60's he did an Edgar Allan Poe Series with Vincent Price that gave the world The House of Usher(1960), and The Pit and the Pendulum(1961). He is the man behind movies like the original "The Little Shop of Horrors" (1960), Death Race 2000 (1975), Rock 'n' Roll High School (1979), Children of the Corn (1983), and the first biker flick ever The Wild Angels (1966). Without him and his New World Pictures, America might not of had a wide distribution of foreign Films. We might not know names like Ingmar Bergman, François Truffaut, Federico Fellini, or Akira Kurosawa without him showing the films at Cinemas and Drive-Ins around the country. There are too many famous Actors, Directors, and Writers that got their start with Roger to put here, but many of them made it into "Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel." This documentary has been a long time coming and now that's its here everyone should see it.

Shame, Directed by Steve McQueen -- This is a stylized and powerful film about a successful business man (Michael Fassbender) who also is a sex addict. Having everything going for him he has an endless amount of sex coming to him, but he still wants more. He seems to have it all together but it is really all falling apart. Then his sister (Carey Mulligan) comes to stay with him. She has issues of her own and this becomes the heart of the story. Can he be unselfish and be there for his sister? Or has his sexual desire and fulfillment taken over his will. Here in New York, where six degree's of separation mean a whole different thing, almost anyone can live on the edge of anything. How close are you?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Movies of 2011 in Short Review

Midnight in Paris -- This funny little film that is written and directed by Woody Allen starts off much like "Manhattan." This time we get Paris with its beautiful buildings and canals, and its streets sparkling with rain. Our protagonist is not Allen but Owen Wilson playing the part of Gil a screenwriter who longs to be a novelist. This dream is criticized by his fiancée who needs to be kept in a certain lifestyle that dreamers can't afford. One night a magical thing happens at midnight and Gil is taken to the 1920's. A time he has always fantasized about. Night after night he meets all the Lost Generations stars Cole Porter, Josephine Baker, and Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald. Even Ernest Hemingway, Gertrude Stein and Pablo Picasso. As Gil spends his days with upper class Americans his nights are filled with the who's who of the Jazz Age. Will he decide to stay in the 1920's or go back to the present and make his life in the "here and now" all that he longs for.

Melancholia -- This strange story written and directed by Lars Von Trier, is typical of most of his films. It is dark and disturbing, it builds slowly in many directions and ends with a bang. This is how he brings the general public, who spend their lives in the real world, into his mind fulled with the twist and turns of this awkward genius. In this film Kirsten Dunst is a depressive bride that has everything and still seems to be a discontent. Bring into play that a planet from the far riches of space is coming to swing passed earth and you get a story line that is all Von Trier. Charlotte Gainsbourg plays another stellar part for the director as the sister that worries that this might be the end.

A Dangerous Method -- In most Cronenberg films there is an underlining characteristic of sexual Deviance. So its about time he made a film that comes right out and says "'aren't we all sexual deviants?" How does one make a film about sex and the human condection? Well, just go back into history. like the "Kinsey" film about the life of Alfred Kinsey, Cronenberg has chosen science to portray how we all think about sex. This film goes back to examine Dr.Sigmund Freud's "Talking Cure." Young Psychiatrist Carl Jung (Michael Fassbender) uses Freud's (Viggo Mortensen) method on a young Jewish women who has history of sexual abuse, played by Keira Knightley. Knightley seems to shine in any period piece and this is no exception. Fassbender is not in her shadow in this film, but is right there next to her showing intelligence and poise. When this women is sent to the asylum she becomes the heart of the Jung/Freud relationship. This film makes one feel like dusting off some old books to study Freud and the human condection in depth.