Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Metropolis Vintage Get Your Black Sale 40% Off Everything!

If you do not know Metropolis Vintage you need to get off St Marks and check it out. This Friday is the day to go and get everything for the winter.

Big leather jacket - Check...A Rock 'n' Roll dress for the Holiday's - Check... boots that can take the snow without getting feet soggy - Check.

It's like your double went out and shopped all the stores from NYC to LA and put all you need where it can be found easy in the East Village. Their shoe section is legendary. This is not your cheap thrift store, Metropolis Vintage has higher prices but that's the "price you pay" for some of the best shit in Manhattan. If all is right in the world stores like this will stay in the Village. With other staples of the hood being pushed out this last year, (Mars Bar, Billy's Antiques & Props) it is nice to know that this shop is still giving people what was always needed in their closets. Do you like to dance? Well its OK in the store, but if you really want to show off ask the sales guy about the next Soul Clap. Where DJ's will make the people move and winners are given prizes! There might be other places to find Rock T's, but they are just reprints that it takes hours of shopping to find. Not here they mean Vintage and have more T's then anyone else! Remember this Friday go to the store and get 40% off everything! And do not forget to sign up for their news letter and get the heads up on other sales in the future.

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