Saturday, April 21, 2012

One More Hot Night in NYC with Marilyn Monroe!

There is one more chance to make the Big Apple Hot tonight at Midnight. Marilyn Monroe is sizzling in this screwball comedy from 1959. Some Like It Hot is one of director Billy Wilder's funniest films with Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon trading slacks for skirts to save their skins from Chicago Gangsters. In this story some down and out Jazz players find themselves running from gun men and dress in drag to get away. And away they go to sunny Florida with an all girl band and our favorite blond as the singer. This is were Monroe shines as the sexy stage singer who has been let down by men all her life. She has gotten the "fuzzy end of the lollipop" from more then one Jazz man and is now with this all girl band to "Run Away." Will she find out that her "Brand-new" girl friends are more then they seem? What really happens when men take on heels and see how the other half lives? NYC has one more night to find out with this funny runaway Comedy from one of Hollywood's greatest directors.

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