Friday, April 13, 2012

Sid and Nancy Tonight and Tomorrow at Midnight!

Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen fell in love in London and went to New York. Here in the Big Apple they both died. One by drugs and the other? This is a story that can only come from the 70's and be told in the 80's with film. This film had Courtney Love begging for the part of Nancy and Gary Oldman starving himself to play Sid. Director Alex Cox made this film to tell the story but not the truth. This is because no one really knows the truth behind the stabbing of Nancy in the Chelsea Hotel, or the life that these lovers lived together. Can true love kill? There were a lot of strange things about the production of this film. One that Love did not get the Nancy part, but had a part written in to the script for her. Also that Sid's mum did not like the film until she became part of the team. Then, get this, all of Guns & Roses were asked to be extras. They did not know this fact till they were on set saying "'Hey...what are you doing here?'" Does this make for a bad movie..? Hell no it's great! This film has everything! True Love, Music Superstars, Sex and Drugs what else does one expect from the 70's. So get off your couch, chair or bar stool and get into the theater to see Sid and Nancy. Can true love Kill?

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