Saturday, February 20, 2010

Eric Clapton & Jeff Beck at MSG

This weekend New York got to see two old school "Rock Gods" on one stage. First was Jeff Beck the English Rock-n-Roll cowboy. Beck has a Jazz style with heavy undertones. With a repertoire of mostly instrumental numbers he played with a orchestra behind him. He plays his Fender Stratocaster with out a pick and has the sound of a "talking Guitar." He was the man that took Eric Claptons place in the Yardbirds. Clapton once said of Beck "With Jeff, it’s all in his hands." Ending his set with the Beatles "A Day In a Life" was intense, much like when we saw him at the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame Benefit Show. When he left the stage out came the grips to switch the orchestra set up to a band with two keyboards and a Oriental rug. Clapton came out strong with Blues covers on a acoustic guitar. He also had two beautiful soul singers that filled the air with such stunning harmonies. Not playing much of his solo stuff he did give us "I Shot the Sheriff" and "Cocaine." Then in the time it took to blink they where out there together. The give and take, push and pull, back and forth was almost enough to make you dizzy. Nice to see Clapton being pushed by playful Beck. They did an old favorite "Moon River," and then a slew of Blues jams. The crowed got to their feet for Sly and the Family Stone's "Higher." And last but not least was Clapton's signature song, Robert Johnson's "Crossroads." These men met at a crossroads when one left a band as the other was entering, but they still have a great esteem for each-other.

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