Thursday, October 28, 2010

Can a Little Trash Be Good For You?

In a big city like New York maybe a little trash could be good for you. The Trash Bar in Brooklyn that is. This Rock and Roll dive bar in Brooklyn is a place to go if your down and out or just out. They have got live music, a pool table, and a gritty kind of wisdom. Like the all-knowing, the all-seeing, Trash Heap from Fraggle Rock. "I'm orange peels, I'm coffee grounds, I'm wisdom!" The trash bar knows their are trash and are proud of it. Every now and then one should wonder into Brooklyn for some loud music and good times. You might get there and find a divine truth or just get drunk. There is even some rat like cheaters around the bar like the Muppet's Philo and Gunge. On Sundays they have small music acts for hardly a cover. Last Sunday the line up started with an open bar before nine. On the stage first was "Slide FX." A DC band that has a blond in front and a Classic Rock/Alternative Pop sound. Kim Cameron has a professional voice backed by a tight band. Her voice can sing bubble pop and pull out some blues. If someone was a songwriter that needs a pop sound to cut a demo get "Slide FX" for the recording. There own songwriting need some work, but the sound is good. Next to set up was "The Never Evers." New transplants of Brooklyn from Canada. This band has bad Youtube videos but are really good on stage. Also with a chick up front, but with a garage rock trio behind. This is like "The Yeah Yeah Yeahs" without the Art Rock. The Punk tunes work with the hot chick singer. These Canadian kids know how to Rock, EH? They would be a great warm up band for any young crowd. Next up a Industrial duo with a light set up, feed back and looped radio broadcasts. Its dark, its creepy, it works. They are "Food Stamps." The guitar was thrashing and he was singing with her in the background. This would sound good in headphones and is a sight on stage. Last was an all dude trio from Switzerland, "Stevans." In town for the CMJ's, they played this last night before going back over the Atlantic. This brit pop band kicked ass during a kinks cover. Other then that there was a football game. It was Sunday night. So If you are into new bands, are in a band that wants to play a trashy bar, or are just into getting drunk and watching football without all the frat boys, go down and see Trash Bar on Sundays. You'll have a good time and maybe learn that a little trash isn't a bad thing.
Trash Bar
Side FX
The Never Evers
Food Stamps


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