Monday, November 22, 2010

Must See in NYC - John Lennon's Imagine Circle

John Lennon lived in NYC for the last years of his life. He worked on his solo material and lived the family life with his wife and child in the Dakota Apartments on the Upper West Side. It was outside the well known building that Lennon was gunned down in December of 1980. Many fans would come to mourn for the loved Beatle in front on West 72ND Street. So many that the city of New York had to make a memorial. "Strawberry Fields" and the Imagine Circle designed by Bruce Kelly was opened on what would have been Lennon's 45Th birthday, 9 October 1985. A grassy hill on the west side of the park is "Strawberry Fields" The Imagine Circle in just inside the opening to the park at Central Park West at West 72ND Street. This triangular pathway with a round mosaic of inlaid stones with the word "Imagine" at the center is black and white but is always covered with colorful flowers from fans. The mosaic is a reproduction of one from Pompeii. A city near modern Naples that was completely destroyed and then buried by the volcano Mount Vesuvius. This is not just a beautiful part of Central Park its a gathering place for lovers of John Lennon and his message of peace.

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  1. LOST: my imagination.

    my imagination has grown so dull as I've gotten older I remember when i was a kid i could think up and live in entire worlds. i could have fun just playing outside in nature. i didn't require the stimuli of a tv to watch or a video game to play or a computer or an ipod. i was able to entertain myself with just my mind. what happened to that ability to be so amused? it a sad state of affairs.