Saturday, February 5, 2011

Kitten with a Whip with Jhon Waters:Anthology Film Archives 40th anniversary

If one happened to walk passed 2ND street and 2ND Ave last night you could not help but wonder: Whats the big line for? Would you believe it was for a film made over 40 years ago. The Anthology Film Archives was celebrating their 40Th anniversary with John Waters and one of his favorite films starring Ann-Margret called "Kitten with a Whip." This is known as one of the worst movies of all time but that's what makes it so good. Young 17 year old Judy (Ann-Margret) escapes from reform school and takes David (John Forsythe) a man running for senator, hostage in his own house. "She is all out for kicks... and every inch of her spells excitement." Made in 1964 about 10 years to late for its beatnik juvenile delinquent plot this film has all but been forgotten except to people like John Waters and Mystery Science Theater 3000 (fifteenth episode of season six). Not too forgotten to the New York film goers proved by the turn out at the Anthology last night. For those lucky enough to get in it was a fun night of pulp theater with Booze, Kicks and car chases. This was one of those nights that proves just how big the downtown film community is and that film is not dead.

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