Monday, April 4, 2011

Bill Cunningham New York at the Film Forum

Some would argue that the New York street is where fashion begins and ends. The place designer's look to for ideas, where people show off their stuff and where personalty is everything. Who better to show this to the rest of us then Bill Cunningham. This photographer has been the city's documentation for over three decades. Riding around on his Schwinn snapping photos of anyone and everyone that looks great. Taking his time to point out style, color and trends. He says that he has a three pronged approach, showing the public whats hot on the runway, who's waring what at the big gala events, and don't forget the street style. He has worked for many magazines and publications. Director Richard Press has used his camera and Bill's photography to tell the story of this workaholic that works for New York and it's stylish population.

Held over at the Film Forum till April 7Th ONLY!!

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  1. i thought i wasnt going to like this (im not really interested in fashion or the fashion world), but after watching it this past weekend, i think its one of the best documentaries out right now.
    the part about the documentary that deals with the carnegie hall residents goes partially hand-in-hand with abel ferrara's documentary about the chelsea hotel that played at anthology a few months back.