Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bob's Red Mill Natural Foods

Now a days people are looking for a way to make everyday meals healthier. It is nice to know that there are some companies that have had the same mantra for over thirty years. Bob's Red Mill has been a leader in bringing good people "natural foods in the natural way". This mill outside of Portland Organ is a stone grinding miller of whole grains. Up there in the north west Bob and his family have been the leader in whole grain products, from flours and hot cereals to baking mixes and grains. From rolled oats and Muesli to flax seed and wheat germ. Bobs has everything, beans, soup and bread mixes, even baking soda. They have more then 400 products that are made from raw ingredients that are sourced from farmers throughout the United States and Canada. Not only do they have 50 different certified organic products, they also have a line of certified gluten free products. Then on top of that all of their products are certified Kosher by a Rabbi. The letters GMO have been out of the papers lately, but Genetically Modified Organism's are not real food. The Red Mills products come from identity preserved seeds. Bob's can not say the same for it neighbors and because of wind drift cross pollination their products don't carry a GMO-free label. So all this means that Bob uses real seed to make real food the way nature intended. Now in their search to "provide our customers with something that is fully nutritious and delightful to eat,” they have brought out two Hemp products. Bob's Hulled Hemp Seed and Hemp Protein Powder are made from “One of nature’s most perfect foods.” How is Hemp good for you? Well, our bodies use proteins called Amino acids. These Amino acids are important to muscle tissue and a healthy immune system. All in all hemp has twenty known Amino Acids, ten that our bodies cannot produce by themselves. Like most of Bob's products these can be added to smoothies and sprinkled over cereal, or used in baking. No need to go far to find Bob's meals and cereals. They are carried in many health food stores and groceries. One can also put in a order online. They internationally ship UPS or in the US through the postal service. One can even ship some whole grains to military addresses out of the US. If you want to start to eat better with less toxins in your everyday diet then try Bob's Red Mills natural foods.

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