Thursday, February 28, 2013

Django Unchained Picks Up Two Oscars!

Quentin Tarantino did good on his new film "Django Unchained," grossing over $380 Million worldwide and catching two Oscars. One Oscar was given to Quentin for the Best Original Screenplay, and the other Oscar for Best Supporting Actor was given to Christoph Waltz. He did a fine job in the role of a bounty hunter with class. This story about the Dirty South is told in a fantastic way using the frame work from old Spaghetti Westerns. Tarantino once more casts Actors he has many times, (Leonardo DiCaprio, Samuel L. Jackson) and the way they work with the camera is spot on. Jamie Fox plays the Hero very well and one can see his change from Slave to Master build through the film. Some of the inspiration for this Western came from a Sergio Corbucci Spaghetti Western from 1966, "Django." As in most Tarantino films there is a story and inspiration behind every little thing and every shot. This is why his writing is so good. One must get out and see "Django Unchained" in the theater. This would lose some charm if not seen on the big screen.

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