Monday, March 25, 2013

Tai Thai Thailand Home Cooking

Downtown at the border of the East Village and the LES is a little spot that has great Thai home cooking. The lunch special here is worth the walk, just remember to stop at the ATM because they only take cash. The small dinning area helps make this spot feel like home, if home was full of movie posters of Thai Action Films. This family run restaurant has great Curry! The food is so good it reminds one of the tasty Thai food on the West Coast in California. Their curries pop with lots of veggies and the pad thai is full of flavor. Call in orders for lunch and they will have everthing ready for pick up fast! So next time your tummy is craving for some Thai, head down to E. Houston for some Tai Thai Thailand Home Cooking. (78 E 1st St, New YorkNY 10009)


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