Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sir Paul McCarthy July 17th, 18th, & 21st, 09

Sir Paul had the opportunity to play the first show at City Filed, and what a show it was. From the rock'in "Drive My Car" to the harmonious "Yesterday" it was a night to remember.The Beatles played the old Shea stadium 44 years ago and Paul Had nothing but fond memories. "Let It Be" was one that was played so long ago in 65'. Most of the Hits where played like "Back in the USSR," "Eleanor Rigby," "Paper Back Writer." "Let me drink this all in" he said as the lights went up and one could see all 55,000 people in the stands, not forgetting the fans up top in the "ashtrays." With plenty of screaming from the ladies in the front he went on with "Lady Madonna" and "Hey Jude." The Best was "A Day in the Life" that cut straight into "Give Peace a Chance." A tight transition that really highlighted how good his band is. Some of his solo songs where peppered through out the set, along with one or two from his band Wings. The skies where not exactly clear but that did not effect the good vibes. At the end Billy Joel came on stage mimicking the closing of Shea when the roles were reversed. Two more shows in the next week, so you to could see the man in action.

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