Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Street Books - Ghosts of 42ND Street Anthony Bianco

Found - Brooklyn on Gram near Metropolitan
Picked up because - black and white cover looked cool
History is never boring on the forty deuce, from stars to strippers its seen it all. This little corner of New York became the center of the world, "The Great White Way." Then it almost fell into ruin before being lifted up back on high. Yes it's a ruff and tumble story. A great topic for a book, fitting that our first "Street Book" is about a street. This does read easy but also tells specifics. Theater from vaudeville to burlesque, business from real estate to retail, even some police actions. All the cheaters of the streets come out when reading about what went down on 42ND and Broadway. From stables to today what other part of America could make 300 pages seem like a quick read. An exciting twenty four hour, year round street part of what makes New York, New York. Times Square is a destination for the whole world and after reading "Ghost" you know why.

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