Friday, May 6, 2011

Atlas Cafe

When looking for good food that is also good for you it seems like one has to pay more. This is not true at the Atlas Cafe between 4Th and 5Th on 2ND Ave in the East Village. This quaint little cafe has Vegan and Vegetarian food and Desserts. These Vegan Desserts are not what one would expect. They are light and fluffy and amazing for not having dairy in them. Bring the whole gang to Atlas and eat outside in the sun this summer. They have a great big menu that has some Meaty selections too. This place has good coffee, yummy smoothies and even shakes, if all you have time for is a drink, but it is worth the sit for their wraps and sandwiches. Proving good food does not have to break the bank and that Vegan, Veggies, and Meat Eaters can all go out together. The Atlas Cafe is now a big-little place on 2ND Ave.

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