Friday, May 20, 2011

Elizabeth: The Golden Age at the Film Society of Lincoln Center

Today was the first day of The Film Society of Lincoln Centers respective on Elizabeth Taylor. This weekend New Yorker's get a chance to see this screen goddess in the best films of her career. See Her with great leading men like Paul Newman in Tennessee Williams, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Or with James Dean and Rock Hudson in Giant. She also stars with two actors that became her husband's Montgomery Clift (Raintree County and the out of print A Place in the Sun), and Richard Burton, twice her husband many times her co-star. They play lovers in both Cleopatra and Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf. In which Taylor was given the Oscar for best actress for her role as the aged wife of an alcoholic. As an added plus there will be a photo exhibit in the lobby of the Walter Reade Theater celebrating Taylor and her life in film. What is there to be said about Elizabeth Taylor. Some consider her the last classic movie star. She had a soaring career and rocky life, but always came through with style and grace. She has shown the world that everyone can make a difference. It is hard to look into her velvet eyes and not love her. She grew up right in front of all of us, a life worth living and remembering.


  1. its too bad they arent showing 'reflections in a golden eye'. her, marlon brando, robert forester and john huston. classic all around. tayler is so good in that.

  2. They are playing it but only once on Sat.

  3. darnit. did you have the chance to go see it. btw, i finished your book (ive been out of the country, so i had time to read it on the plane and trains ive taken). oh, did you get those dvd's i left?