Saturday, July 9, 2011

German Expressionism at the MOMA Two More Days!

German Expressionism: The Graphic Impulse

There is only two more days to get up to the MOMA and check out their exhibition on German Expressionism. In Germany before the first world war artiest where going through an awakening. Using new printing techniques and experimenting with form and color these artiest came into their own in the 1920's. Painters like E. L. Kirchner and Max Beckmann, to Oskar Kokoschka and Vasily Kandinsky, Erich Heckel and Emil Nolde shared a feeling that they where on the edge and could see the a world full of change. Then the war came into play with all it's wreckage and plight. After the war was over some of the artiest used there art to show the poor and widowed population of Germany. Others look to the life of the rich in the nightclubs with their loose women and dancing. The MOMA has a broad display of this short movement that seem to say so much about those times in Eastern Europe. With prints, woodcuts, paintings, etching, sketching, and water color this show has two more days to tell New York that art might not change the world right away, but it can show how the world changes.

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  1. I missed this exhibit. Probably would be good to look at their calendar of events.