Saturday, July 16, 2011

Seedbombs for NYC

Here is a great idea on how to bring the green back into inner-city neighborhoods. This company makes "Seedbombs" that are dispensed by candy machines. This is a way to use change to make a real difference. This mixture of clay, compost, and seeds will take that vacant lot and bring it back to the green side of the spectrum. By anonymously throwing this green explosion one can make what was gray and empty, green again. This is as much about awareness as it is plants. If some of these derelict urban site's become randomly green it makes people think. Maybe "We" could be using this space better. If this does not help support public gardens and green space, what does? One can get a bag of Bombs from the Web. They also will send out a "SeedBoumb" Vending Machine anywhere. The best part is that they are all ready out there. One in Union Square Farmers Market and one at Marlow & Daughters on Broadway in Brooklyn. All one has to do is put in change and make a change in what surrounds us.

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