Sunday, November 20, 2011

Two Joans on the Beach at the Anthology Film Archives!

Last Thursday the Anthology Film Archives hosted a kick off party for "Joan's Digest: A Film Quarterly." Things where set up to celebrate everything Joan. The films on screen both have Joan's and both are on the beach. "Which Joan do you Prefer, Crawford or Bennett?" First was Crawford in "Female On The Beach." This 1955 drama about a beach house that has some strange secrets. The nice young man that keeps his boat at the dock, the friendly older couple just down the water. and the bright and smiling real Real Estate agent all seem to be apart of the perfect beach community. They are all a little to interested when Crawford moves in, but who would not want a beautiful neighbor. Joan gets to say some steamy lines and the audience gets to see a lot of Joan's thighs. As the film creeps to the end the whole thing unravels but still is tied up at the end. Next up on the sand is "Woman on the Beach." This Film Noir with Bennett and Robert Ryan is directed by Jean Renoir. The film is set in a small town with troubled people that have troubled relationships. Love and desire blend together with nightmares and lies to send this beach community into real electricity charged situations. Bennett plays another bad girl in the sand. It was a full night of hot and cold running Joan's. The shin-dig for the "Joan Digest" was a night full of fun and film. That night has passed and gone but the Archives is giving people two more chances to decide which Joan is best this Monday and Tuesday. But why chose they both are so great in there own way. Go down and just bask in the glow of two Joan's on the Beach.

Joan's Digest: A Film Quarterly:

Anthology Film Archives:
Monday and Tuesday:
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