Sunday, December 11, 2011

Book Then Movie: The Rum Diary

This book was not one that was a big success for Hunter S. Thompson. He said in an interview on Public Television that it had "bounced about seven times." The letters of rejection keep on coming and he let it lie. He only came back to his story made up from the chatter of reporters at San Juan Star in 1960, because "it's got a romantic notion." Then it was finally published in 1998. This "story" of a American journalist who takes a freelance job in Puerto Rico in the 1950s is written with the reflections of a much older man. This tone was set by Thompson only being 22 when he went down to Puerto Rico with thoughts of writing for the newspaper only to get denied. He spent his time getting drunk and getting the "real" story from the other American drifters on the island at the time. This book is about the Hunter before...Before the 60's and 70's. Before Loathing, and the Campaign Trail. This is a younger Thompson. One just starting his way with words. The public had to read it after getting to know the Gonzo Journalist. The public will have to do the same for the Movie. The Johnny Deep character from "Fear and Loathing" is Hunter S. Thompson for some people. Those people will have to get to know the other Thompson, the one that came before.

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