Sunday, January 31, 2010

It's Complicated and the Oscars

This movie has three big names that we will see this year at the Oscars. Not for this fun little comedy, but because Alec Baldwin & Steve Martin are hosting the Oscars together. The last time we had more then one host was in 1987, when Chevy Chase and Goldie Hawn shared the stage with Paul Hogan, you remember "Crocodile Dundee." We will see these two costars give there leading lady, Meryl Steep her first Oscar for playing Julia Child in "Julie & Julia." In "It's Complicated" she also plays a cook. She spends the movie Cooking in a too perfect kitchen that she is taring down for a New perfect kitchen. Her sweet Architect Adam (Martin) falls for her. Just as she seems to have a real chance with new love her old love walks back in the door. Well its not just like that but you see the Complication. Her kids are grown and the marriage he had with Jake (Baldwin) ended in divorce ten years ago. Alec is right up his ally playing a kind of sweet womanizer. Jake did run of with the much younger Agness (Lake Bell), that ten years ago and then married her. Now he is back and that makes Streep's Jane, the other woman. If Jane wants, wait Jane does not know what she wants. This film is to sweet at times, but is also laugh out loud funny at other times. Have fun with this movie and with its cast at the Oscars.

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