Friday, January 22, 2010

Old Movies Sell Out in NYC

This weekend is a big one for film buffs in the Big Apple. First the Film Archives is playing Joseph Cates "Who Killed Teddy Bear?" This 1965 exploitation flick not only will shock and amaze you, but you will see it as a snap shot of the seedy Times Square of the time. Getting into the Archives on this Friday night would have been possible if you were on time, but being late to a packed show was not in the cards tonight. Hope to be on time and see it in the next two days for its only in a weekend run. Well whats next? How about "High and Low" part of the more then a month long Kurosawa retrospective at the Film Forum. Akira Kurosawa is a Japanese director that has been called "Great Master" and "a giant" even "prophet." It is hard to pin point how much the director influenced cinema today. Great that sounds good, lets get to the West Side for the 9:15pm show. Too bad someone did not think ahead because the Film Forum had a big red SOLD OUT sign on the door for "High and Low." Got to get down there and see something before the 18th of February. Fine, so sweet, its New York plenty to do on a Friday night. Get some food and still have lots of time to walk back toward the LES to the Sunshine Cinema's and see the Midnight showing of "Jurassic Park." (You know that little move about the big lizards. Well lets just pop around and get in line for tickets. Wait does that little sign say SOLD OUT. What is everyone and their mother downtown and at the movies? And next week is Evil Dead!! One must be ready then just in case the old movies SELL OUT.

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