Saturday, January 30, 2010

Who Shot Rock & Roll? Last Two Days in Brooklyn!!

Rock & Roll is a driving force in peoples lives. It can be personal and public at the same time. Our minds eye "sees" music in it own way but our memories of music are generally the same as others. Many types of media helped shape what music means to all of us. Now music is on Myspace and Youtube. For everyone that remembers the 80's it was MTV. Before that the in the 70's radio was king. The one thing that seemed to grow with the music is photography. With the help of print media like "Rolling Stone," and the fact that photography is still used as one of the best ways promote a band or album, photography has stuck around. A new Book by Historian and author Gail Buckland shows us the role played by photographers in Rock & roll history. The Brooklyn Museum was the first stop for the accompanying photography exhibition. This is Weekend from 11-6pm is you're last chance to check out these performance photos, portraits and behind-the-scenes snapshots of musicians you know and love. (Dylan, Jagger, and Lennon, Madonna, Tina Turner, Michael Jackson, Bjork, Blondie, James Brown, Johnny Cash, Notorious B.I.G., U2, and the Velvet Underground) Their are all there in black and white as well as color. This includes the work with many photographers, like David Corio, Annie Leibowitz, Chris Stein and Richard Avedon. If you can't get down there to see this then check out the book with captions that accompany over 250 portraits told from the photographer's perspective. This Book and Museum tour of pictures will help us think more about all the things that make music so universal.

Exhibition's Museum Tour:

Worcester Art Museum

Memphis Brooks Museum of Art

Akron Art Museum

Columbia Museum of Art.

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