Thursday, July 1, 2010

Big Nicks Broadway & 77th St

New York City, the city that never sleeps. Where do you eat when not sleeping in NYC. Well Big Nick's Burger Joint & Pizza Joint is open 23 hours a day and serves everything under the sun and moon. Tucked away on Broadway just off of 77Th street Nick's is not big but has plenty of seating space. This "dinner" is a bustling place that has been open since 1962. Big Nick Cares is what it says on the menu. He cares about quantity, quality and keeping prices low. You can ask him because he is always around, or that's what the staff says.This joint is hopping with two doors. Behind door # 1 is the line for slices, and behind door # 2 is the counter with tables in the back. There is sidewalk seating but you miss half the experience by not sitting inside. The dim lighting and old pictures, this is New York. Their Burgers are yummy and they have stake or waffle fires. Also the pizza is nothing to sneeze at. The White Pizza is one of everyones faves. Nicks has much much more then Burgers and pizza. So much that you could eat there everyday for a year and a have something different. Know matter what time it is, its a good time at Big Nick's.

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