Sunday, July 18, 2010

Peruvian Jazz at TUTUMA Social Club

Jazz is alive and well in the big city. Here In New York Jazz can be heard when strolling through Central Park. One can see Jazz programs at Lincoln Center or Carnegie Hall, but small Jazz clubs around the city are the best place for a music lover to experience Jazz in the Big Apple. TUTUMA Social Club on 56Th Street is one of these sweet spots for lunch or dinner, drinks, and Jazz. The heavy handed bar tenders make great drinks, and with no cover the music is always free. Free is good and they know it. That's why they have a fun little raffle after every set giving out a free drink or dessert to the lucky name pulled from the box. The music and food are a fusion of Perúvian and American style. This Afro‐Peruvian Jazz music gives us a link between contemporary Jazz and black music of coastal Perú. Trumpet player Gabriel Alegria's Afro-Peruvian Sextet plays every Sat. and Sun. thorough July and August. Gabriel Alegria is not only the Music Director at TUTUMA, but also is the Associate Director of Jazz Studies at New York University. His love of the arts started young and he went into music right out of high school. His family have been active in the arts in Perú for generations with a novelist and an acclaimed playwright, and now the family can be proud of this young composer. Check him out along with all the other ensembles at happy hour or late night downstairs at TUTUMA Social Club.

TUTUMA Social Club -- "Rising Stars" Mondays, Guitar Night Wednesday's, and Family Night Sundays with the Gabriel Alegria Afro-Peruvian Sextet:

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