Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fred's Amsterdam Ave & 83st.

Dog and cat lovers alike will enjoy a bite from Fred. A bite to eat that is... Fred's is a warm and welcoming bistro on the Upper East Side. This place is all about mans best friend and is asking people to come, sit, and stay! This is driven home with pictures of dogs in all shapes and sizes decorating the subbasement dining room. Don't like walking downstairs to eat, then sit outside at one of the many tables on the sidewalk. The friendly Wait staff will come out to take your order.Their burgers are under $11 and come with fries and a side-salad, no skimping here. If salad is your "thing" then take notice of the many different salads full of more then the normal ingredients with signature dressings. With delivery and take out you can pick something up when walking your pup or order in within the "Leash Length." (66Th to 100Th st. Riverside to Central Park West)

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