Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Buckethead Sept. 26th, 09

Buckethead never disappoints his fans. He has not only been included in lists of "top" guitar players, but he is a tireless songwriter. With 28 solo albums and countless side projects it would seem that he hardly has time to tour. The fact is he has had a hefty tour schedule this summer, starting in May and ending here in NYC on Sept. 26Th at Gov. Island. It was a fun to ride on the free ferry over to the show even in the drizzle that started in the late evening. Then after the boat docked walking toward the stage a unknown source in Jersey had a fire works show. The view from the Island is breathtaking, the water, the buildings and the bridges. Reading up on the venue made one think it was beach like, with sand and electric palm trees. This is true there is sand and the trippy lit up trees, but in front of the stage was a generous amount of asphalt to dance on. (much better then sand) The six dollar beers were a nice change of pace. Most venues have upped their beer price this year. Take MSG for instance now nine fifty a glass. Buckethead (Brian Patrick Carroll) has this aggressive presence on stage. His fingers are so fast that it looks like he has more then four of them on each hand. Shearing the stage and studio with other weirdos did not hurt. Known to work with Quirky musicians like Bootsy Collins and Les Claypool, then down right crazies like Axl Rose and Iggy Pop. His almost ominous stauncher helps with the theatrical some times confusing show. He never really left the stage only putting down his white Les Paul to play with his nunchucks. He then did some dancing and gave out his toys. One must be upfront to get a souvenir, although he did toss them a little farther on this night. Buckethead is a complex experimental guitar genius and we love him for it.

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