Saturday, September 19, 2009

Johnny Winter at B.B. Kings Sept. 17, 09

When it comes down to the Blues Johnny Winter is one of the greats. What other American Blues guitarist can say that they impressed Muddy Waters? Johnny even produced three studio albums for Waters, including playing with Muddy on Hard Again. This talented albino has been in the scene for 30 years, even playing at Woodstock. On the night in question Johnny's loose fingers tore through all the Blues classics. Arriving late again, Johnny was all ready on stage. Picture me running down the stairs into the gracious arms of B.B. King’s Blues Club where they always treat you right, getting in just in time for "Miss Ann." Most of the night he played a headless white Lazer guitar, which he says "sounds like a Strat, but feels like a Gibson." Driving through "Red House," "Under the Apple Tree" and "Its All Over Now." Then picking up his old '63 Gibson Firebird to play slide on "Highway 61 Revisited," what a showmen Winter is. If you can catch him he is playing in Stockton NJ at the Stockton Inn on Sept. 20 you would be lucky.

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