Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The September Issue

Fashion is beautiful and glamorous. Fashion is also hard work, and long hours. The fashion industry is a creative workplace that can eat you alive. One has to have a real purpose and thick skin. Vogue has a long history as a fashion powerhouse. The best thing about "The September Issue" is that it lets you inside Vogue from the top down. First Anna Wintour lets the cameras straight into her office. They get to follow Wintour to the front row at Fashion Week. As September gets closer you get a first hand look at everything that's gets shoot, not everything makes the cut. The Hallways are crammed with styles for the next year. What is the fall of this year going to be? This extremely close look at the everyday of the New York offices was filmed in 2007 the thickest Vogue in history. Lots of dedicated people working for this magazine. Creative director Grace Coddingtion shines as a old world dreamer, she still has personal contact with the models and makes every Shoot her own. The film crew get high marks for the way the camera captured the world of Fashion from Rome to Paris. You can see why Wintour is at the top of her game. Anyone that wants to get into this circle of people "in the know," should watch this documentary and get a subscription to Vogue.

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