Sunday, September 27, 2009

Yo La Tango With The Blacklips Sept. 25, 09

Outside Roseland looked like a ghost town early in the night but the room filled up around ten or ten thirty. Most people getting in after the Black Lips left the stage. To bad for them because it was one of the best parts of the night. Their 60's style short Garage band type songs are fun do dance to. No craziness on this night. None of their strange stage antics no nudity, fireworks or chickens. They had to get off the stage so fast almost running off, but for what? Well thirty minutes of nothing that sucked. Then a comedian that half of the people could not understand, and then more nothing. Wish the Black Lips could have played a longer set. So later, rather then sooner, Yo La Tango arrived on the stage with a kick ass light show that had trippy lights and effects over a slow moving liquid lights. Joshua White and Gary Panter are the magic makers that put on the lights. They have been known for putting on shows at the Film Archives in Second Avenue. Yo La Tango are a NJ feedback-driven art rock band. There was some low and high points of the set. Weird to bring out a string ensemble only once for a song off the new record. The encore being the best part of the night when a fan wanted a song most of the band hardly remembered. One of their sweet pop songs that sounded great. Yo La Tango means "I've got it" and this small band does have something.

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