Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Stone Street Oyster festival

Now this Saturday was a strange day. It was windy, looked like rain all day but it did not rain till well after night fall. Everything seems a little strange when you are eating oysters, and drinking beer. (don't forget the beer) It just so happened that this last Saturday was the The Stone Street Oyster festival. This yearly event is put on by the downtown bar Ulysses. If you don't mind the frat boys then you should get down there next year and slurp down some oysters and guzzle some Guinness. There is music to if you are sober enough to here it. Yes the Ulysses Folk House knows how to show us a grand old time. Nothing better then drinking in the streets. They have other events including the Stone Street Sessions. This means weekly music and drink specials, what a great pair.
95 Pearl Street / 58 Stone Street - New York, NY 10004 * 212.482.0400

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