Sunday, June 20, 2010

Music Art on the Streets with 60 Pianos in the Five Boroughs

New Yorkers are going to hear music everywhere they go in the next two weeks. This musical art installation through the city starts tomorrow. Other Music as Art in the city are small and easy to miss. Like the "bells" on the Herald Square yellow line platform, (Christopher Janney installed "REACH New York, An Urban Musical Instrument.") but you won't miss this. British artist Luke Jerram has given 60 Pianos to the city for public use. NYC is not the first to get this experiment. Places like London, Sydney and Sao Paulo had the first taste. This is a traveling show that gives people a way to come together on the streets. "There's going to be a huge amount of talent here," Jerram said. Is this why the Big Apple gets twice as many pianos then any other city? Where are these painted and decorated instruments going to be? Lincoln Center, Central Park's bandshell, Metropolitan Museum and 24 other Manhattan locations. Over on the other side of the east river there will be 10 in Brooklyn, 5 in Queens, and the last eight split between Staten Island and the Bronx. Each piano will be open roughly from 9AM-10PM and each has an attendant, but do they play? If you can tickle the Ivory get out and play-around. After the city is done with the show the pianos get donated to schools and hospitals. This nonprofit, Sing for Hope will take your old piano too. Whether you play or not just open your ears to hear the Art.

"REACH New York, An Urban Musical Instrument." Christopher Janney installed In 1996
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