Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pearl Jam Msg May 20th & 21st

Pearl Jam is one of the best bands to come out of the USA. Some feel that they are the best live band in the world. This two night stand at the Garden helped prove that maybe those people are right. These shows sold out almost immediately. New York has been waiting for Eddie Vedder and his pals to get there butts up here since they played in Philly to close the spectrum earlier this year. "Sold out" at the garden is 500 seats shy of 20,000. So to sell out the garden means that kids still love Peal Jam, and Pearl Jam like to spread the love around by having up and coming bands open for them. On Thursday night it was the Black Keys and then Friday was Band of Horses. In New York Friday is one of the busiest days in the city. All the hustle and Bustle of getting out of work and grabbing something to eat makes it hard to make it to the garden on time. Missing the open act sometimes is unavoidable. Lucky for New Yorkers that missed out these two bands are playing NYC this summer. The Black keys are going to be at Summer Stage July 27Th, and 28Th. Both shows are sold out but that does not mean that one can't get in. If not just hang in the park where you can hear the whole thing. The Band of Horses get to play The Williamsburg Waterfront on June 20Th. Some Pearl Jam shows are for the hard core fans. The setlist for Friday shows that this was one of those shows. Playing everything but the kitchen sink, Vedder showed the packed house how he can fade back and forth from the tight band formation to mesmerizing front man. This back and forth with the fast and slow that grunge is known for is what makes this band one of the best. The shining moment being when Bridwell from Band of Horses came out to sing "Hunger Strike" with Eddie. "Hunger Strike" is the third song from that far away album "Temple of the Dog" Bridwell played the part of Chris Cornell and hit the mark with his wailing vocals. Next time these guys announce a tour get you tickets and prepare to Jam.

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