Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tim Burton’s - Alice in Wonderland

Director Tim Burton likes the strange and unusual. He likes to take people to other worlds, places where the unreal can happen..but can he take you down the rabbit hole? In this version of Lewis Carroll classic Alice in Wonderland, Alice (Mia Wasikowska) is taking a trip into a land where rabbits carry watches and roses are painted red. With Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter, and Anne Hathaway as the White Queen, this tale is vary strange indeed. Burton can feel proud to have made a film that can be compared to the cartoon. That has great scenes with the Tweedle brother's, Dee and Dum, a vary convincing caterpilar, and does not forget every-ones favorite the crazy cheshire cat. With only one scene at the end, some kind of hatter dance, that seems hokey and out of place. It could have been almost perfect..well at least it was really cool. The only snag was the 3D. Anyone that went to the IMAX without the 3D scored, everyone that picked 3D lost. Yes, they lost great vibrant color, and some parts that where sent into blurry messes. This movie was not filmed in 3D and is more proof that movies converted to that medium are not as good as the original 2D.

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  1. hey didn't i see this movie with you....was kind of sureal, walking out of the theatre into a snow storm of biblical proportions