Thursday, June 3, 2010

Roman Polanski's - Ghost Writer

In this political thriller an unnamed journalist (Ewan McGregor) gets a job to good to be true, both in the script and in real life. In the script he gets a lot of money to finish a book that's half written. On the set he gets to work with another world famous director, Roman Polanski. "He drives you quite hard …he pushes you quite hard, Roman …and you're called upon to look for great detail [and] look for the truth of a scene. He doesn't worry about how long a scene is. He just wants you to move from point to point as honestly as possible and find the fine details that make something very realistic." This film adapted from the novel by Robert Harris, has a lot to do with reality. The story of a former British prime minister named Adam Lang (Pierce Brosnan) who went from acting to politics, is more about how politics can change the world. Adam has hit a scandal just as his second ghost writer starts his task, an autobiography. Adams wife, Ruth is played Olivia Williams and Kim Cattrall plays his slick tough assent. This cat and mouse game is full of stylish lines and sophisticated camera shots, but there is more to the story then the telling. One can not help but see the similarity between this plot and Tony Blair's relationship with George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Halliburton. Shot in Germany because Polanski can't use US locations. This film is about how political leaders are closer to each other then the public thinks.

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  1. i actually thought this was not only one of the best movies of last year:
    but olivia williams and tom wilkanson (even with his short screen time) gave great performances. this is one of the most slept on movies of last year. i havent liked a roman polanski movie in quite some time.