Thursday, June 3, 2010

Noah Baumbach’s - Greenberg

This films starting credits show a close up of young Florence Marr (Greta Gerwig) talking to herself and other cars while driving. She lives and works in the hills of LA. In Comes Roger (Ben Stiller) her boss's brother. He is here to Watch the house while the family fly off to Vietnam. Roger is a New Yorker that happens to be from LA. He can not drive and seems to be just more trouble for Florence. He is home to build his brothers dog a doghouse. For someone that is "trying to do nothing right now" the dog house seems like a hurdle. Stiller plays a bumbling narcissist in his 40's that just happened to spend some time in the mental hospital. Coming in from the east like he has just been bumming around New York without ever growing up. When his old band mates and ex girlfriends all have grown into awkward adults, but at least they are adults. What about Roger? He spends his time writing letters to company's for offenses that most would overlook. As he gets closer to Florence aging seems like it might matter, if anything matters. Florence gets to know just what Roger means by “Hurt people hurt people.” All in all this film is a kind of wondering love story with two "Hurt people."

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