Sunday, August 2, 2009

500 Days of Summer

"500 days of Summer" is a cute little flick, not a love story, and tells you that from the beginning. A boy meets girl picture. Like other movies before it, but with all the little Indy tricks. The soundtrack was not just a back drop, it was integrated in the story. This is because young lovers in these new movies all love music. Like "Nick & Nora", just a little bit older. The art used along with a bit of kind sounding narration helped out the jumping around flashback story line. The doodles are reminiscent of "Juno." The fact that the characters are charming and played by a seamless cast makes that you smile throughout this fairy tail like romance. A dark fairy tail that is. Like I said before this is not a prefect end all be all love story, no it is closer to the truth. Some girls just don't want a boyfriend, or maybe just not you for their boyfriend. Some boys want girlfriends or believe that there is a one and only. Till It's not the one, then what? It has the scenes you remember from other love story's, the record store, the diner, the movies, but this love story is one that more people can relate to, "the one that got away." When watching "Garden State" a film buff said "I wish that he would have stayed on the plane," making it a sad ending. I said to him the happy ending was better because to there is to many sad endings in real life. In this film the boy goes through the ups and then the downs of love, then ends up ready to take the ride again.

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