Monday, August 3, 2009

Tool At All Points West August 1st, 09

Tool was the the best reason to brave the rain this weekend at All Points West. It was a long train ride out to Jersey, so if you can next year take the ferry. Many things about the this festival made you scratch your head? Why not put wood chips, or hay down over night after all the rain on Friday. All other festivals put down hay so it doesn't get to be a crazy, sticky, muddy mess. This slipped the mind of the All Points West promoters. Next there is the beer garden problems, and there where many. How much you can drink, how far they are from the show, and they stopped giving out wrist bands 45 minutes before the main act starts. Tool on the other hand never disappoints. They put up a great light and video display. Their brand of thrash metal is kind of bohemian. Playing a little from every album the dancing kids seemed pleased. Hard to imagination that Tool was concerted alternative rock in the 90's. This was so much fun, one of the best days of last week.

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