Thursday, August 20, 2009

District 9

This summer is so full of Science Fiction one can't throw a rock and not hit a new Sci-Fi movie. District 9 is a big crazy hyped up alien flick. But if you like your alien's with guns and explosions then believe the hype. A ship hangs over Johannesburg in South Africa. Know one knows what it wants...or why it's lets cut it open and find out. Inside a race of "prawns" are found. The species is brought down to the surface as refugees. They are not to smart but could be dangerous. It seem like they are stuck here so deal, but the people of Johannesburg don't want this to make that bet with the alien's in there back yard. Lets move them out of the city to "District 10." Not a easy task to clear this slum. Lets give a job like this to an unsuspecting boob. Wikus (Sharlto Copley) an MNU field operative is that boob. The film opens as a mock-doc, (documentary-style) but when the twist happens director Neill Blomkamp changes the style to be more like an action movie. This film makes you think of racism in many ways. The way the earth treats these things is unethical. The differences between the "prawns" and us are shown but what about the similarities. This is a big shot them up that has everything, puppetry, CGI, weired alien weapon's, goo everywhere and a good story. A must see if you like alien action movies.

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