Thursday, August 6, 2009

Depeche Mode August 4th, 09

One should remember when your late you miss out. Sometimes it is unavoidable and you miss not only the opening band, but also the first three songs of Depech Mode. This night they where from the new album. Walking in to "Walking in my Shoes" one could tell this was going to be worth the price. MSG was set up for sensory overload, the lights, the video screens, the synth. Under that round roof of the garden the band looked and sounded great. David Gahan was dancing and putting forth an amazing amount of energy onto the audience. He's just getting out of surgery and still able to jump right back up on stage to give the goods. The video cameras for the screens where manned handheld, not the ones with the big robot arms like at most shows. This felt more familiar and looked so Rock in Roll. Then there was a sexy change on "A Question of Lust," with a small peep show. It is Hard to believe that they skipped this song the first night. Then they Went in face first with "Miles Away/The Truth is." It was like they could not stop if they tried. Depech Mode have some of the loudest fans. When they left the stage one could hardly stop from covering you ears, it was that load. But you get rewarded for your clapping and hooting, they played not one encore but two. Not just a two song encore, they left after three songs and then came out again for two more. The night seemed like it could go on forever, with everyone singing and dancing. What a night...what a crazy night.

Encore #1
Master And Servant

Encore #2
Personal Jesus
Waiting For The Night (Bare Version)

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