Monday, August 10, 2009


"Adam the story about two strangers. One a little stranger then the other..." This was a hard movie to watch, there is a lot more going on then whats in the trailer. Going in you think nice refreshing love story. On the way out you feel like wow, life does change in the most unpredictable ways. Adam not your average neighbor, even for New York. His is a young electronic engineer with a passion for star gazing. When Beth moves in she thinks he is cute, weird, but cute. A teacher of small children and soon to be children's writer, she wants to make friends in her new uptown digs. Director of photography, Seamus Tierney makes uptown look like upstate. So crisp and lovely, they are living by the park after all. The brainy Adam (Hugh Dancy) is different then the normal suitor. He has high-functioning form of autism called Asperger syndrome. Does Beth (Rose Byrne) know what she is getting into with this awkward relationship? Going on at the same time are her own personal problems involving her parents. Adam life is changing too..this is a story about how different people handle change. If you have a disability or not you still have deal with changes, "Time to make a change, Ch..Ch..Ch..Changes." (Bowie) This Asperger role is a hard role to write, play, and eventually watch. Give it up to writer and director Max Mayer for making this picture cute and serious at the same time. Go forth and see this movie but be prepared to think about the changes you and your loved ones have and will face.

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