Sunday, August 16, 2009

De La Soul August 13, 09

De La Soul demoted the stage at the Nokia on Thursday night, and you should have been there. Not only did Brooklyn's own Buckshot put forth some mad rhymes but the trio from Long Island put on one hell of a show. They where celebrating 21 years of Hip Hop making it clear that they are some of the best rappers in history. Its true there classic album 3 Feet High and Rising came out 20 years ago but that's not all they played. When 3 Feet High and Rising came out some proclaimed it was the future of hip-hop, in some ways they were right. Labeled hippie for there peace and love approach they were one of the alternatives to hardcore rap. Puttin' it down by bringing out "Buddy," "Eye Know" and "Jenifa Taught Me," they more then impressed. Even the T-shirts looked like 1989 with daisy's on them. Keeping to their Jazz influence they had a kick ass 10-piece band behind them. Then to make your night they did a tribute to RUN DMC playing "Rock Box" with DMC himself on stage. The main point was that if you feel Hip Hop in you soul your are Hip Hop, you don't have to look or prove that you belong, you are one of us if you feel the beat.

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