Thursday, June 18, 2009

Elvis Costello & The Sugsrcanes June 10Th, 09

Elvis Costello a songwriter, a showmen, a legend. The show at the Beacon was highly anticipated, not one to miss. Dressed up and out front early helped in scoring a $20 balcony ticket. Moving at first opportunity to the lodge for better seats, the sound in the beacon always impresses. Realizing that when Elvis and The Sugarcanes came out on stage there was not any electric instruments meant a set without songs from albums like "When I Was Cruel." Most of the set was the new album "Secret, Profane, and Sugarcane." This is another album to teach us Americans about our music history, Blues, Bluegrass, and some Honky-Tonk. Almost all the classic Elvis was saved for the many encores. "Allison" and the rest played with his signature sound. The best being when he steps back from the mic and bellows words that sound far away and right behind you at the same time. Surprising was right before the last bow they pulled out "Friend of the Devil" making one wonder if you can go to the beacon without hearing the Grateful Dead.

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