Friday, June 5, 2009

IL Divo Italian Mob Movie

Mob movies are known for there suspenseful story lines, wild characters, and real life parallels. This is true of IL Divo. A mob movie from the Mather land, Italy. Giulio Andreotti was Italy's most powerful prime minster his career spanning over 50 years. When his political party falls around him he is found in the middle of a conspiracy. This ties the mob, Vatican, and most of Italy's politicians together in a violent web with him as numero uno. IL Divo starts (like all good mob flicks) with most of the violence in the begining and then the back story. Using all the great camera tricks like stop-start, slow motion, wide pans, and extreme close ups, this film holds up to all other mobster movies. In Italian with English subtitles, this movie was surprising easy to flow. The twist and turns are carefully maneuvered. Great film making with one of cinemas favorite genres, the mob movie.

Four out of Four Stars

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