Friday, June 5, 2009

Rock & Roll Alert- Neil Young Box Set

Love Neil Young? Did you go to record stores looking for this holy grail box set he put together of his first 10 years. Well dear Rock and Rollers I have found it for you. Yes, Yes thanks are in order....quite right. The best thing is that when you buy it your money goes to Public Television. We all love PBS, and more of us should do our online shopping at They have many, many live music DVDs and some hard to find special editions and out of print Cds. The one asked for the most at the record store I am employed at is the Black & White Night with Roy Orbison. Filmed right before he died with a cast of characters as a PBS music event its sadly out of print. But you can pick it up from the source. The Neal Young Archives Vol. 1:1963-1972 8pk of Cds starts with his Winnwpeg band the Squires, heavily influenced by early rock that of Sun Records, through to his breakthrough solo album Harvest. This can all be yours for $99.98 With free shipping with over a $60 dollar purchase. This has been a Rock and Roll Alert.

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